What is Helium 10 And Is It Worth It?

Amazon has become increasingly popular in recent years and is currently the largest online marketplace for products of all kinds. In the meantime, it has even become a search engine, and according to the latest statistics, over 2/3 of product searches on the Internet are already carried out via Amazon. Amazon is, therefore, # 1 in e-commerce, and some software has been developed accordingly. Below are the main features of Helium 10, but for a more comprehensive guide, read this Helium 10 review by Hustle Life.

Functions / features

One of the main reasons why Helium 10 is so popular and probably currently the best provider on the market is the many functions and features that the software offers.

Black box

The Keyword Research Tool runs on Helium 10 under the name Blackbox. It is more or less the core function of the software and enables in-depth keyword research. This is the most important tool for most Amazon sellers and the first step before you start selling products. You have the option of accessing a database with over 450 million products and activating dozens of filters during your research.

X-Ray browser extension

If you want a quick first impression of the market, the X-Ray browser extension is definitely worth it. With just one click on the icon in the Chrome browser, you can display the data from the open Amazon window and get a quick overview of the market. Very practical for initial research.

Scribbles – Listing Optimizer

Scribbles is a practical tool that shows the keyword density and placement on your own product listings. It is like a scanner and checks whether each listing really contains all the keywords you want to rank for. It is very suitable for the check and as a second check.

Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Search

Cerebro is the detective of Helium 10 and gives deep insight into the data of certain ASINs. This makes it possible to screen products from other manufacturers and to look at certain things. For example, you can see which keywords rank another product and which convert best. Then you can implement it yourself and try to rank on it. Or you recognize certain keyword gaps that you can fill yourself.

Refund Genie – Inventory Reimbursement Finder

Amazon is not perfect and will lose or damage certain products when shipped. However, this often remains undetected or is reported too late. Refund Genie automatically checks the delivery and reports as soon as certain errors occur. This means you won’t miss a single refund and save money.

Inventory Protector – Guard Against Scammers

There are also dishonest competitors on Amazon who want to harm other sellers through fraudulent activities. One tactic of this is to order new products in large quantities so that they quickly sell out. Ultimately, however, the orders are never paid. However, the high number of fake orders puts the listing on SOLD OUT. Inventory Protector protects against such scam attacks.

More tools

There are a variety of other tools and features that you can get with helium with every paid license. This includes ALERTS, which recognize hijackers and frauds and warn against them. There is also an internal email marketing tool, which is incredibly useful. Everyone who runs e-commerce knows how important email marketing (also on Amazon) is. In addition, there are also intelligent tracking features that suggest new keywords and suggest optimizations for old ones. And much more…

Helium is indeed the Swiss Army knife among the Amazon tools and currently outshines all other providers.

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Why ExpressVPN Is The Top Rated VPN Software

ExpressVPN has been the number one VPN for a while now, and it continues. It has been running since 2009, and they really know what they are doing. ExpressVPN currently dominates the VPN market alongside NordVPN and a few other services. When you subscribe to ExpressVPN, you have access to a vast network of more than 3,000 servers in 160 different locations distributed in more than 94 countries, on a maximum of 5 devices. The quality of the connections is top-notch, allowing you to browse, watch videos online, and download freely at impressive speeds. In addition, the security and encryption of the software conform to the highest international standards and will protect you from interference and espionage by third parties.

The company is officially registered in the British Virgin Islands, which means that they are not legally required to keep user records. Consequently, ExpressVPN does not keep any records that break the privacy of its users.

ExpressVPN is very easy to use: it makes using a VPN easy for anyone. You don’t need to know anything about technology to use ExpressVPN apps. Also, the website and customer service are very helpful, and the applications work intuitively.

Speed ​​- How fast is ExpressVPN?

The speed of any VPN connection is important, especially if you want to do more than surf the Internet. If your Internet connection is not fast enough, you may experience delays during downloading, streaming, and playing. For this reason, we test the speed of all VPNs to see if they slow down your connection. We’ll first show you some speed tests we did without and with ExpressVPN to see if there are significant differences between speeds without or with ExpressVPN. Below, we’ll share our own experiences with ExpressVPN during daily use. Finally, we will talk about the speed test of ExpressVPN itself, included in its app.

Speed ​​during regular use

ExpressVPN speeds are very good. We did not encounter any delay during navigation, visiting web pages, or working with our own web. Watching streaming and downloading files wasn’t a problem either. We were able to watch videos on YouTube and use Netflix without any problem. Furthermore, we were able to easily download files of any kind and size.

Using the recommended servers, we also do not experience any delay during online games. Still, it is important to connect to a server that is not too far from your physical location, as this causes the ping to increase. In general, ExpressVPN is a good VPN to play online. Although honestly, we do not recommend using a VPN while playing online games where the connection should not be too affected by speed.

With ExpressVPN, we were able to maintain very good speeds, without a significant drop in speed.

ExpressVPN has an in-app speed test. When you open the program, you can go to the menu in the upper left. If you click on the “Speed ​​test” option, you can carry out a speed test from your computer with all ExpressVPN servers. It takes a few seconds, but it will give you a clear view of the list of servers and their performance with your Internet connection. This is perfect if you want to find the optimal server for your location. You can learn more on ExpressVPN here.

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How to Download Movies Safely Through Torrent Network?

Using an unprotected internet-connected while downloading content through the Torrent network can be risky for the system. By this, the system becomes prone to cyber-attacks and similar problems. For the safe use of torrent, it is recommended to use high-quality VPN for downloading movies. It encrypts internet traffic and therefore, you can use the sites safely. For the safe usage, your IP address will not be visible to other torrent users, making your system less prone to attacks. So, for downloading large files from torrents, make sure you use safe torrent and the site you are downloading the file from. Below is a rundown of the ways to download safely through torrent network.

Benefits of using legal torrents

Never make the mistake of using any random torrent network for downloading files. Only try through the legal ones that minimize the chances of cyber-attack and other risks on your system.This should be taken care of when trying to download recently released Hollywood movies. Never try to download illegal content through a torrent network. Therefore, with the help of legal content, you can get hands-on independent movie available for free download, open source software and the like.

Configuring torrent client

With different client options for downloading torrents, opt for the ones that offer security features such as encrypting your use of torrent. The encryption helps know about the type of traffic being used from ISP. As this method does not assure complete safety, it is better to configure with the torrent client before downloading. To increase safe access of the torrent site, you can set up proxy server or download Utorrent software and could use torrent IP checker. This shall ensure that you are completely safe and your IP address is not visible among the torrent list of downloads.

Finding torrents from respected sites

There are other challenges than just using legal torrent sites. While downloading a file, you cannot get access to it until it is completely downloaded. There can be virus code hidden in the file and you end up downloading it on your system. Thus, to avoid this, you have to use the torrent files only from authentic sites. Never jump to download a torrent file from an unknown source as it can affect your computer. Make sure that you can the file from a trusted site to avoid problems of virus attacks and the like.

How using a VPN helps in safety measures?

Using VPN shall boost safety when downloading torrent files. It will hide your IP address and help you use the torrent from your ISP. Using a VPN is all about installing software on the device so that it protects the data after you download the torrent files. As the torrent file is downloaded using the internet, the VPN makes it easy in the file transfer. With the help of suitable encryption process, the site you are visiting along with the downloaded content cannot be seen by ISP. When you download files from illegal torrents, the VPN can help to your data safe.

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Sendpulse Review– The Ai-Powered E-Mail Marketing Tool

There is no lack of e-mail marketing software applications and tools, but discovering the best tool can be difficult. Plus, besides the functions alone, one of the essential things to think about while choosing your e-mail marketing software application is the shipment rate and open rates.

Importing to Sendpulse

You can quickly import all your customers to Sendpulse from any other e-mail marketing software application. You can either submit a file or simply paste the contact list into the importer tool, and it will look after the rest.

Sending out a project and producing

Introducing an e-mail marketing project is quite uncomplicated with Sendpulse. You can develop a routine project, established automated e-mails, or introduced an A/B test project with ease. Sending out a project through Sendpulse ought to be a walk in the park since it is even easier to use than Mailchimp if you are familiar with sending out projects through Mailchimp.

Press SMS and alerts

E-mail marketing projects, Sendpulse also supports sending out push alerts and bulk SMS. When a visitor permits their web browser to accept push notices from your website, you will be able to send them such notices from time to time using Sendpulse.

Sendpulse AI

Sendpulse uses maker finding out to improve shipment and open rates, instantly sector your customers and more. Since it needs to examine user choice and habits, the AI will start working a couple of weeks after you start using send pulse actively.

SMTP service

Sendpulse also provides an SMTP service that will allow you to use their system to send out e-mails on behalf of your website. This will make sure much better shipment rates ESP for automated e-mails heading out through your site.

The above, Sendpulse also provides the biggest totally free quota in its SMTP rates strategies. All in all, if you are searching for a one-stop option that provides excellent e-mail marketing, bulk SMSs along with push notification service, Sendpulse can be a fantastic option.

How SendPulse works

We started by test driving this website in your place, so we headed to the site where we were presented to the essentials and found that SendPulse provided a single platform that guaranteed us that we might master sending e-mails, handle web push notices and SMS while developing hybrid series of customer-friendly interactions that efficiently target market.

We found out about the user-friendly scheduler that can allow us to increase our CTR conversions while saturating shipment channels along with incorporating scheduler and membership kinds. Automation gets two thumbs up— as do facile integrative systems that provide company owner the power to user interface online shopping cart scripts with the nuts and bolts of their marketing efforts.

We were impressed by the ease of information combination that made us feel like brainiacs as soon as we got the hang of it. By test-driving a few of the business’s site functions, things made good sense, so even service types who are relative rookies when it pertains to innovation needs to have the ability to use the functions appropriately.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

Recovery software has been around for a long time, and there are a lot of software application choices for recovering your files. You must pick appropriate software for your information recovery needs.

EaseUS Hard Disk recovery software had a terrific recovery rate, practically 99%. Using the software application is quite simple; you can just download it, offer it a directory site to scan files in, and let it carry out the scan.

The totally free variation of EaseUS information recovery software has a recovery limitation of 500MB of information. If you share EaseUS on social media, you will get an additional 1.5 GB increasing the recovery limitation to 2GB.

You can run EaseUS information recovery software on any gadget consisting of desktops, external hard disk drives, USB drives, and more.

Recovering files after a system crash

It must also be kept in mind that when you lose any crucial information, instantly using a recovery software application like EaseUS increases the probability of recovering the information rather than doing it at a later time. This software application uses the choice to recover files even after the system crash will be a blessing if you have lost essential information on a damaged system.

Saving recovery procedure

You can also stop briefly or save it so that you can continue it at a later time if the recovery is taking an extremely long time. An extremely couple of recovery software deals with this choice.

All in all, EaseUS information recovery is a fantastic software to recover your lost files rapidly. The premium variation comes at a rate and isn’t complimentary, and it is far much better than the crowds of complimentary alternatives out there. You can take a test drive of the software application by experimenting with the complimentary variation– that must provide you an excellent concept of how the software application functions.

Functions of EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software Tool

With functions more robust than any of its rivals in the market, the EaseUS information recovery software application cans recovering files that are lost since of different circumstances such as:

Unexpected removal of information: A lot of times, we unintentionally erase a crucial file(s) completely by methods of ‘Shift+ Erase’ or clear the recycle bin. The EaseUS information recovery software application assists you in bringing back such files that were unintentionally erased by methods of a couple of clicks.

Large quantities of information get lost due to such partition failures. EaseUS totally free information recovery software application is capable of pulling you out of such anguish as it brings back all files lost due to partition failures.

Loss due to Format of partitions: Formatting a drive erases all the information that lives into it. The previously mentioned information recovery software application makes sure simple remediation of files lost due to detachable formatting cards, physical disks, and partitions.

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Here’s How You Save Money With VPN

Regretfully lots of still think that the innovation is relatively restricted to VPN server software. A lot of applications are easily readily available for domestic usage. That kept in mind, VPN services are not just simple to set up, but they can save several dollars for you!

Netflix, while offered in the United States, is not as available to more remote corners of the world; therefore, are services like Pandora and so on. In addition, some content on these websites is limited to a specific area. Business does it to save them from the unneeded load.

Experiment with the settings by logging from the United States, UK, and Canada, and you will have various sets of highlighted programs and films for the rate of the initial.

The costs will grow the next time you get on the website. Since airline company business understands the value of time! If you have to make a journey next Wednesday– you will not have the high-end of avoiding since a couple of additional dollars are lost.

That’s why your IP is greatly kept track of on each and every single website, and specific costs are raised greatly with every next see on the website and in addition to on other websites of ticket resellers. Privacy of VON will allow you to save hundreds if not countless dollars a year.

Do you understand that premium content trial that offers you, state 30 seconds of a video while concealing the rest behind the scenes for the eyes of signed up users alone? If just you use it right, VPN resolves that issue as well.

Be on hand

Your service provider might provide an extensive technical assistance plan, but that’s most likely to be for you instead of for your consumers. That implies you’re going to be the one accountable for any problems users may be having– ensure you replicate any paperwork that’s offered and offer brand-new signups with detailed directions to minimize any possible trouble.

Signing up starters will also be your duty, so if possible, scope out the backend centers used by your possible wholesaler before strongly devoting. Some are definitely dazzling, permitting you to handle passwords, usernames, and gain access to levels rapidly and quickly; others are a harsh workout in futility. In a perfect world, you’ll be using these management tools numerous times a day, so it pays to ensure you’re getting the ideal user interface for you.

Brand name

We have discussed branding quickly, but let’s make this clear: you may not be supplying the facilities, but you’re offering the service. Your brand name is your company here. Make sure you’re putting on an expert front, personalizing whatever tools are offered to you with your business’s branding.

Any great supplier values its salt will supply you with white-labeled tools all set to change– from computer-based diallers through web-based signup types to mobile apps. This customization might even extend beyond putting your own label on things, so you might have the ability to set up the choices offered to your users, offering a more streamlined or intricate service depending upon the approach behind your branding.

Guarantee you buy an appropriate logo design and possibly some bespoke style work. Develop an appropriate site, too, with an unforgettable, brief domain, since it both assists consumers go back to your website and assists those exact same consumers to suggest your service to buddies.

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