What is Helium 10 And Is It Worth It?

Amazon has become increasingly popular in recent years and is currently the largest online marketplace for products of all kinds. In the meantime, it has even become a search engine, and according to the latest statistics, over 2/3 of product searches on the Internet are already carried out via Amazon. Amazon is, therefore, # 1 in e-commerce, and some software has been developed accordingly. Below are the main features of Helium 10, but for a more comprehensive guide, read this Helium 10 review by Hustle Life.

Functions / features

One of the main reasons why Helium 10 is so popular and probably currently the best provider on the market is the many functions and features that the software offers.

Black box

The Keyword Research Tool runs on Helium 10 under the name Blackbox. It is more or less the core function of the software and enables in-depth keyword research. This is the most important tool for most Amazon sellers and the first step before you start selling products. You have the option of accessing a database with over 450 million products and activating dozens of filters during your research.

X-Ray browser extension

If you want a quick first impression of the market, the X-Ray browser extension is definitely worth it. With just one click on the icon in the Chrome browser, you can display the data from the open Amazon window and get a quick overview of the market. Very practical for initial research.

Scribbles – Listing Optimizer

Scribbles is a practical tool that shows the keyword density and placement on your own product listings. It is like a scanner and checks whether each listing really contains all the keywords you want to rank for. It is very suitable for the check and as a second check.

Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Search

Cerebro is the detective of Helium 10 and gives deep insight into the data of certain ASINs. This makes it possible to screen products from other manufacturers and to look at certain things. For example, you can see which keywords rank another product and which convert best. Then you can implement it yourself and try to rank on it. Or you recognize certain keyword gaps that you can fill yourself.

Refund Genie – Inventory Reimbursement Finder

Amazon is not perfect and will lose or damage certain products when shipped. However, this often remains undetected or is reported too late. Refund Genie automatically checks the delivery and reports as soon as certain errors occur. This means you won’t miss a single refund and save money.

Inventory Protector – Guard Against Scammers

There are also dishonest competitors on Amazon who want to harm other sellers through fraudulent activities. One tactic of this is to order new products in large quantities so that they quickly sell out. Ultimately, however, the orders are never paid. However, the high number of fake orders puts the listing on SOLD OUT. Inventory Protector protects against such scam attacks.

More tools

There are a variety of other tools and features that you can get with helium with every paid license. This includes ALERTS, which recognize hijackers and frauds and warn against them. There is also an internal email marketing tool, which is incredibly useful. Everyone who runs e-commerce knows how important email marketing (also on Amazon) is. In addition, there are also intelligent tracking features that suggest new keywords and suggest optimizations for old ones. And much more…

Helium is indeed the Swiss Army knife among the Amazon tools and currently outshines all other providers.

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